Why music? Why there are lots of people who are fond and fan of music? What can it do for us? Does it makes us happy, sad, neutral? How do you feel when you are listening to a song? Have you tried to compose your own lyrics for your own song? How about performing on stage? How does it feel when the crowd is giving their applause to you?

Those are the questions that keeps on running in my mind before I discovered that I have passion for music. Those questions made me curious and in some way, led me to music and it became my life. Music is me. Me is music. That’s how I feel nowadays everytime I sing and perform on stage. I know music lover and those who have passion for music can understand what I really do feel about music.

Let us share our knowledge to you, that maybe still unknown for you. Let us give you an informative blog articles. Let us share our passion and love for music.