Band instruments design for toilet

You are a big fan of music, or you are a musician? You like to play aloud your favorite songs and to have more time and space for that. Maybe you have a different kind of decorations, which are related to music in your living room, bedroom, or even in the kitchen. But did you ever think about the possibility of designing your bathroom with music instruments? No? Well, some awesome guys already implement this idea into practice. If you are interested in band instruments which are designed for toilets then this article is for you.

First of all, we run into toilet seats which are looking like real instruments. If you like a piano, or even love to play it, then you should definitely see or possibly buy P-Ano Toilet Seats. Very elegant wooden piano shaped decorations are absolutely stunning. Adding this kind of toilet seat you will definitely vivify the look of the toilet in your home or in your cafe. This luminous wooden P- Ano high quality economical toilet comes in three colors: mahogany, black and white. The size of this design for the toilet is standard that fits most of them, This site got one here: Cleaning this toilet seat is very much the same as cleaning regular toilet seats. Only you can add wood furniture polish to protect your veneer.

Another popular music instrument is used as a decoration for your toilet seat. Hmm, you are guessing which? Yes, we are talking about guitar. On market, you can find beautiful Jammin` Jones toilet seats shaped just like a guitar. Fabric for this item is very much the same like the one above. So it is about luminous wood, only in shape of a guitar. This original band instrument design, you can find in white color and in a mix of black and brown. You can find a few more manufacturers who are producing similar products in various colors.

We also managed to find another one instrument that you can find in some public cafés. It is the saxophone. You probably never imagined that you will run into this kind of jazz instrument when you are going to pee. There are bidets in a shape of a saxophone or even tube instrument. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find this kind of toilet design on market. We don’t know the reason why, but at least we can wait and see whether this beautiful instrument will be found on sale.

The idea for drums like music instrument which is used like toilet part is also present. It isn’t already made for sale, but it looks great and definitely original and also practical. Sinks are actually tom-toms, bass drum could be used for dirty laundry and on the right side of the sink lower tom could be used like a trash can. Interesting isn’t it? But also, as for saxophone, we must wait and see if this creative item will be found on sale in the future.

So musicians and music fans, now you can see that you do not have to be apart from your favorite musical instrument ever again and you can feel like playing even when you are in the bathroom. If you are a fan of drums or saxophone you have to be patient. In the near future, we can expect that ideas of some creative people who designed these toilet-like instruments, comes into practice.