Pingpongplayers as a Music Band Members

The year 2009 is accredited as when Pigeons Playing Ping Pong came into existence. In the following year, they released an Extended Play (EP) which was titles ‘Funk EP’. Pingpongplayers have been consistently hosting Domefest anually since 2009. However, their first full-length album was not released until 2014. The Pingpongplayers comprises of four music band members brought together by their talent and love of music. As such, their success have grown beyond their initial expectations, and more is still in store for them. Their flock, as they refer to their fans, have been increasing day in day out, and their influence is now beyond a standard rating.

Pingpongplayers is can be regarded in the context of Music Band Members just like how other athlete enjoy playing with these foosball table or basketball. They constitute of four key members, each of them having different roles and skills as a member. Greg Ormont acts as both a vocalist and guitarist. These skills are also possessed by another member, Jeremy Schon. The third member is ben carrey, whose specialization is on bass and vocals. Alex Petropulos is the last member of the music band, and his expertise lies on drums and electro-swag. With this wide range of skills, the Pingpongplayers are able to produce state-of-the-art music records and engage in fully-energizing performances.

As a music band members, Pingpongplayers have scorched up the country through their infectious and thrilling performances, whose enthusiasm have been growing exponentially. The band members have held tours in many locations just to mention Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, San Diego, Phoenix, Columbia, Washington, Birmingham and South Burlington. The music members have the tendency of holding each of their perfomances at a different place to ensure they reach out to their fans and also increase the size of their flock.

The Pingpongplayers have released many albums and extended plays as a music band members. In 2014, they released the ‘Psychology’ album. This album comprised of titles such as Time to Ride, Moonwalk, Live life, melting lights, Julia and Sunny Day. In the year 2016, the pingpongplayers released the ‘Pleasure’ album. The album consisted of singles such as Burning Up My Time, Bad For You, fade Fast, Walk Outside, Kiwi, Penguins and Live It Up. Back in the year 2010, pingpongplayers released the ‘Funk’ Ep as music band members. The EP comprised of titles such as Couldn’t We All, French Cafe, Funk E. Zekiel, On the Rise, Landing and Stay.

The Pingpongplayers have a long history prior to becoming music band members. They first met in college,and althoug not all of them were fortunate enough to graduate, their musical excellence have won them five-star ratings. The first two members to meet were Greg Ormont and jeremy Met, in the University of Maryland. Later on in the following year, they met with Ben Carrey and Alex Petropulos. Together, they commenced playing music together just for fun. The progress was promising enough to see them forming a band as the only for members. Since then, their fame and popularity have multiplied, to a point where they perform more that 200 shows per year. This has seen the Pingpongplayers graduating into music band members.